wtorek, 2 kwietnia 2013

different kind of courage

I need a different kind of courage
Build memories I'd like to

 make sure to push myself far
So I can bring close again
the best of 

I need a different kind of courage
stop making the same mistake 

promise to quit writing poems
as soon as I get back on my feet.

środa, 9 stycznia 2013


Far away from getting words right
In love with the right Guy
at the wrong time.

Never lonely
nor alone.
In love with the right Guy
For so long.

You came silently
Far away from getting my words right
Thinking of me
More like having me around.

Before it loses meaning, please
close your eyes  
If you want more of me
There are Dreams  better than life

Far away from getting those words right
My impatient body and your grey green eyes
wanting each other
for the first time.

Place your final bet
in that dream
so we can leave the poem that
We don’t fit

across from the gas station.
 I’ll wait.

wtorek, 21 lutego 2012

enough to drive one mad

You looked at me and it was done.
shook a hand with a devil
Me. Kinda yours

underneath your fingers 
so willing and warm
like you could do  anything.. with me
world of touch and simple words.

I looked at you and it was done.

I had
  e v e r y t h i n g   
one can't get used to

O. not/wanting?

wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

test i recenzja iphona. niejako

no coś wspaniałego! pozdrawiam szczerze i ciepło Adama. Obawiam się, że recenzje i testy to jednak nie moja Genre :)
ale niebawem wrzucę coś miłego dla oka i do poczytania. czas najwyższy, prawda?

lovely translation for non-polish peeps:

Hi Oriana. I follow your blog and because of that i thought that posting an iphone review would be a good idea in terms of increasing the number of followers.

this made me happy. cause YAY I'm not that desperate! yet I promise to post something for my people.

ps. God, I just hope I'm not talking to myself.
that would be preeeetty pathetic.


poniedziałek, 18 lipca 2011


god, i hate to cry
but why?
i never do that. i never
i just stop for a while
like a car in the middle of the street.

i am all i ever wanted to be.
minus the tears
It might sound cliché,
'everyone has a fear'

It's not even a question
who's right who's 

god, i hate to cry
nobody wants to be a weak one.

poniedziałek, 13 czerwca 2011


chcę tutaj.
chcę teraz.
nie lubię nie
umiem czekać.

nie lubię się zastanawiać

w swoich 

Tego jeszcze nie wiem
gdy kochasz
nie może być lepiej.

wtorek, 17 maja 2011


When I just stay 

Doing my own thing
Taking care of me.
Neutral for a while
a lot of people dont know how to handle me in my silence.

poniedziałek, 10 stycznia 2011

fuck slash love

Some drunk bird started on you last night.

maybe she was too short.
sometimes it's all about a hight

but she was already there
 oh hi turned into a bed
 une petite mort* turned into a bye

Some drunk bird started on you last night.

but she made you think how much you miss.
how much you miss them things.

my ridiculous rants about the eldery owning too many umbrellas.
my abusive drunken outburst
and my touch.
my touch
you've missed the most.

and me.all along

sometimes it's all about

fuck / love.

*it literally means 'little death'  but is a metaphor for orgasm.

czwartek, 21 października 2010


O. z buta

She wishes it was socially acceptable. Or socially unnoticeable

She stays in bed. it's dark outside,anyway.
deep in thought
a risky bussiness is your quiet stare

she's warm
outside inside
she smiles,
all the time

far too often.
so many sexual induendos can be said

When she stays in bed.
she stays in bed

niedziela, 3 października 2010


zrobię to. zrobię to.
z momentem ostatecznego ogarnięcia sesji na Prawie.
czyli jak to mówia anglojęzyczni: SOON.

uhuhu będą małe zmiany! :D

O. w kratkę

wtorek, 10 sierpnia 2010


You think she will get you together,
for real.
Well, she will get you.

want her
to be the one.
you make a deal.

She will suck
life out of you.
An occasion
you can finally add "w związku" to your catalog of

such a pity
Truth’s shitty
think you've found a girl
but you've lost.

O. eeeeek!